Volunteer Opportunities


Volunteer Information Sheet

To be a part of the fun the volunteer information sheet must be received by October 15th, 2019.

There are a wide variety of volunteer opportunities available before, during and after this huge annual event. The 78th Annual North Florida Fair is a great way to help your community, fulfill service hours for high school students and a wonderful promotional tool for businesses and organizations.  Call us at 878-3247 or email us at info@northfloridafair.com today!

School Tours
The school tours program runs for four days this year, Tuesday, November 12th, Wednesday, November 13th, Thursday, November 14th and Friday, November, 15th.  Children from Pre-K through 3rd grade, as well as special needs children, spend the morning at the North Florida Fair touring the barns and the petting zoo.  They are also entertained for about twenty minutes by one of our children’s acts.  Two tours are run per day 9:30 AM, and 11:15 AM.  The North Florida Fair is closed at this time. Depending on the children’s needs, a tour may be as large as 500 students or as small as 40. Schools are required to have one chaperone for every five children.  Volunteers are needed from 9:00 AM until 1:00 PM each of the four days. Duties will be to monitor the buildings and entertainment areas along with other duties the tour guides assign.

Fine Arts Department
Registration for all of the fine arts entries at the North Florida Fair takes place on Friday, November 1st from 11:00 AM until 7:00 PM and on Saturday, November 2nd from 10:00 AM until 5:00 PM.  Each entry must be checked in and tagged; a receipt is then given to the owner.  Pieces must be separated by type, e.g. oil paintings, photography, pencil drawings, pottery, etc.  On Sunday, all of the entries are hung or placed on display.  We receive hundreds and hundreds of works each year, so the task is very time consuming.  The chairperson for the Fine Arts Department sincerely welcomes any assistance that can be given during registration and display.

Youth Ag-tivities
Open to the general public during the run of the Fair and is located in our agricultural building where many of the exhibits are interactive.  Guests can run their hands through baskets filled with colorful grains and seeds, make butter, and construct a seed necklace that will sprout within 24 – 48 hours of visiting the Fair. Volunteers are needed to teach Fair guests how to make butter from cream, and how to construct a seed necklace.  Also in this building is the Harvest Decorating.  From time to time, throughout the Fair, this exhibit will need someone to check on the “status” of the veggies to ensure that there have been no spills and to remove any item that may be going bad.  Any discarded items should have the entry tag removed and taken to the office. Volunteers are needed at various times from opening until the time buildings close each evening.  The Fair opens at 5:00 PM on weekdays and closes at 10:30 PM except Fridays when they close at 11:00 PM.  Saturdays, the Fair opens at noon, and buildings close at 11:00 PM.  Sundays, the Fair opens at noon, and buildings close at 9:00 PM.

Vendor Meeting Assistant
A volunteer will be needed for 2-3 hours on Wednesday, November 6th to assist the Concessions Manager with the Vendor meeting.   Your duties will include greeting vendors and guests, setting up and directing them to the refreshments, making sure all present have signed in, hand out materials, assist with door prizes and help with straightening up after the meeting has finished.

If you are interested in volunteering at the fair please contact us ASAP.
Plans for this are made year round!