DEPARTMENT 550 – WELSH HONEY SHOW – North Florida Fair


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CHAIRPERSON:  Apalachee Beekeepers Association
Saturday, November 9, 2019 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 Noon. Bldg. 3
JUDGING: Saturday, November 9, 2019 1:00 p.m.
RELEASE TIME: Monday, November 18, 2019 9:00 a.m.- 6:00 p.m.


Etiquette – Once honey or other items have been accepted, into the competition by the Steward, it is the responsibility of the Steward to protect the entries from tampering.  After submitting entries to the Steward, competitors may not enter the area where the entries have been placed.  All entries must be blocked off from contact by anyone except the Steward, Superintendent and Judges.  When viewing entries in a honey contest, either before, during, or after the competition, do not touch any item.

General Rules –
a) All entries must be produced by the contestant.
b) Each member may make one entry only in each class.

Judges – Only Certified Welsh Honey Judges will be used for this show.  All decisions of the judge or judges are final.

Extracted Honey, All Forms (in one pound jars)

  1. Novice Class – This class is for exhibitors that have not won first place in any Extracted Honey class in any honey show (a blue ribbon in any other category will not exclude participation).  Exhibitors need only submit one (1) bottle, but must conform to rules for other classes of extracted honey (see below).  An exhibitor entering the Novice Class cannot enter the class requiring three (3) jars.Other extracted honey is judged in three classes:
  2. Light
  3. Medium
  4. Dark
    Participants in the categories 2, 3, and 4 may submit one entry in each of these three categories.

An entry of extracted honey is three (3) identical one pound jars.  These jars must be either one-pound classic jars that have a 48mm diameter mouth, or one pound Queenline jars that have a 58mm diameter mouth.  The jars may have either metal or plastic lids and may be made from glass or plastic. Do not use tamper proof seals.  There must not be any type of label on the jars.

Stewards will provide 1/2  x 1 3/4 inch labels for all jars with the entry number.  These labels must be placed 1/2 inch from the bottom of each jar.

When judging extracted honey, the judges consider the following characteristics of each entry:

a)     Cleanliness of the jar and lid

b)     Correct fill level (See photograph below)

c)     Uniformity of the three jars that comprise the entry

d)     Cleanliness and clarity of the honey

e)     Moisture content

f)     Aroma and flavor


This is a photograph of a one-pound classic honey jar that has a 48mm diameter mouth.  The purpose of the picture, however, is to show clearly the correct fill level.  It also shows some things that are more difficult to see:  The inside rim of the mouth of the jar above the honey has bits of ‘stuff’ adhering to it that should be wiped off before placing into the competition.  The outside of the jar also shows numerous smears that must be removed.  This jar is not competition ready!

5.     Black Jar Black Jars will be provided; the exhibitor will transfer the honey into the black jar.

a)     Black jar honey is judged on flavor only.

6.   Beeswax – Wax is judged based on cleanliness, uniformity of appearance and shape, color, aroma, and absence of defects such as cracks and shrinkage.

An entry of beeswax may be any one of the following:

a)     Wax Block – The block must be at least one inch thick but not more than two inches thick.  The block must weigh a minimum of two pounds.

b)     Candles – One of the candles in each entry will be burned.  An Entry is three identical candles.  Molded tapers must have flat finished bases.  The wicks must be trimmed to one-half inch in length.  Dipped tapers should have the last drip left on.  The wicks must be left joined.   

7.     Mead

a)     Mead is judged based on the cleanliness of the bottle and the cork, color, clarity, lack of sediment, aroma, body, and flavor.

b)     An entry of mead is one clear glass 750ml bottle.  A 3”x5” card on which any added fruit is listed must accompany each bottle.

c)     Corks may be either cork or plastic

d)     Mead should be filled to within one-half inch of the bottom of the cork.

8.       Photographs

a)     There will be one class for photography, black and white or color

b)     All photos must be free standing in a free standing frame

c)     All photos must have an accompanying 3×5 card telling about the picture and the photographer

9.     Art

a)     Original oil, water color, charcoal, acrylic, pen and ink, or any other medium paintings depicting honey or some aspects of beekeeping

b)     Must be free standing

10.   Crafts

a)     Quilts and rugs

b)     Wax products – this includes candles rolled from wax sheets.

11.   Gadgets

Any device or invention created for the purpose of assisting beekeepers in the management of bees and working of their hives.

12.   Judge’s Choice

Any other honey bee related item.

DIVISION A – All Beekeepers

CLASS 1: NOVICE:  One 1lb jar of extracted honey, for exhibitors who have not won first prize at any honey show in an extracted honey class.
CLASS 2: HONEY – Light
CLASS 3: HONEY – Amber
CLASS 5: HONEY – Black Jar
CLASS 6: BEESWAX – Block, Pure Block (2lb Min.)
CLASS 8: PHOTOGRAPHY – Black and White or Color
CLASS 9: ART – Oil/Acrylic/Water Colors
CLASS 10: CRAFTS – Quilts, Rugs, Wax products (other than candles)
CLASS 11: Gadgets
CLASS 12: Judge’s Choice

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BEST OF SHOW – $50.00 and Ribbon
1st– 3rd PLACE – Ribbons will be awarded